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There are hundreds of children throughout Ireland trapped in a world of hurt and silence whose voices are not being heard. But there is hope for them. The Blue Box is a ground breaking Project that gives these children a voice, many for the first time.

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Welcome to Blue Box

Life Changing Intervention

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Helping Creativity Thrive

With Limerick's Children

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Our children need your support

to sustain these essential interventions.

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Blue Box Creative Arts Therapy Centre

Registered Charity Number: 20052836

When a child is feeling sad or hurt it is important to have a therapist who provides a secure, safe environment in which to go to.

In 2023 Blue Box

Delivered this many sessions…


Helped this many children in need…


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Blue Box Creative Arts Therapy Centre is a registered charity based in Limerick, we aim to support children and young people who are experiencing emotional, behavioural, or psychological challenges to realise their full potential through Play or Creative Art Therapies. We apply a trauma informed nondirective approach to support the children and families we engage.

Driven by innovative Arts Therapy Programmes,  we are making a real difference.

Executive Director Bryan Gough believes in the power of play and creative arts therapy to heal and transform lives. Our mission is to provide high-quality play and creative arts therapy services to children and families in need, fostering emotional well-being and resilience through therapeutic play.


If you would like children to access free or reduced cost therapies please donate. Donate Today

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